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how easy ecoVcard works

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This is how easy ecoVcard works

Thats how it went till TODAY

  • You meet people, exchange business cards. You put them in, type them in, or scan them and throw them away.
  • If a detail of your data changes, you'll need a new set of business cards, the old ones will be discarded.
  • Billions of business cards are printed, shown, exchanged and thrown away.
  • This is a burden on the environment, expensive, slow, inefficient and inflexible.

fromNOW on this is the PAST!

Specials for companies

  • ecoVcard can also be customized by our design team with your logo and CI.
  • After examination and acceptance you load the data of your team on our server and pay by Paypal.
  • You will get your individual ecoVcards set immediately.
  • As a free service, we also send the ecoVcards directly to your team. So you do not have to distribute business cards anymore. You save time and money.


Climate and environmental protection

  • Zero CO2, zero emissions in production, zero waste.
  • Worldwide availability without postage.
  • climate-neutral business enterprise.
  • You actively protect the environment and climate with the ecoVcard.
  • Please do not accept printed business cards anymore.

get theclean future now

modern cool,

effficient, cheap

Don't fall behind! Be at the forefront with the digital ecoVcard from today!

Print business cards, exchange, maintain, archive? That's yesterday!